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To address user concerns about privacy and spam, and in line with international best practice, Qatar Domains Registry has implemented Image Verification Check (IVC) for all email addresses on the web-based Whois service. The purpose of IVC is to prevent or hinder unauthorised access by automated data mining programs or scripts. For consistency, Qatar Domains Registry has removed all email addresses from Port 43 Whois responses; users of Port 43 Whois will be referred to the web-based Whois service to access email addresses via IVC.

Please note that there are restrictions in place on how many queries you can make. Your query limit is 100 per hour and 500 per day from the same IP address. If you exceed this you will be banned for 24 hours.
If you need to use a facility to check for the availability of a Domain Name, you can use our Domain Availability tool (Whois Check).

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